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Silver duplicating film and non-reversing silver duplicating film when correctly processed using conventional developer and fixer have a life expectancy of 500 years. Diazo copy film is non-reversing, it is processed using liquid or gas ammonia and has around 50 year archival life. Vesicular copy film reverses the image polarity, it is heat processed and has 10 - 20 years archival life.

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Microfilm Shop
A full range of Diazo and Silver Microfilm products are available including the Microfilm Shop's own Ozaphan range of Diazo which offers blue diazo - widely used for producing copies of reversal processed COM masters. and black Diazo for most other applications.  Diazo 105mm roll and cut sheet is offered with a wide range of colour stripes. Vesicular copy film is also available as 16, 35 or 105mm roll or as cut sheet..
Fujifilm silver direct duplicating film and Fujifilm Miniposi 16 and 35mm non-revering positive duplicating film is available for archival duplication.

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Kodak Alaris
Silver Duplicating film (reversing) is available in most formats. Silver direct duplicating film (non-reversing) is also available,  no bleach is required.
Diazo duplicating film (non-reversing) is offered as Type C which produces a blue background on copies when developed using aqueous or anhydrous ammonia Type D offers fast throughput and low contrast images with black background suitable for most other applications.

Vesicular Thermal Print film  (reversing) is available in most widths.


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