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The following companies offer secure destruction of documents, film and computer media

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Microfilm Shop
  Film scanning, Post-filming operations including duplication and film testing. Repair and maintenance of micrographic equipment. COM recording. Microfilm destruction facilities, Suppliers of a wide range of micrographic hardware and materials. Hire & rental of scanners and micrographic hardware.
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Other facilities include:- Office document scanning. Large format scanning. Data hosting for digital data storage. Document printing and mailing services. Agent for wide range of document scanners and other DM hardware. Agent for software for scanner control, input management including data capture, EDMS, storage & retention including ERM and archive management.

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Microfilm and microfiche scanning. Full life-cycle management including secure storage in boxes or in the cloud. C
ataloguing and confidential destruction of paper, film and computer media.
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Nationwide facilities include advanced document scanning and automated data capture for fast, accurate classification. Office document scanning and large format scanning to A0 size. digitisation, data extraction, business process management including digital mailroom facilities, Supplier of Omnidox cloud-based EDRM system.
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Services offered by other suppliers

Abbot Datastore Ltd 

High security storage facilities for documents, film (including nitrate film) and computer media in London area with cctv and swipe-card access. Certified Destruction facility.

London N7

Archive Document Data Storage
Storage facilities for film, video, documents and other media. Secure destruction facilities

London W7

Archive Management Systems 
Microfilming, Film scanning - all formats, Secure storage and shredding. Confidential destruction of filmed input


B M E Imaging Ltd 

Film scanning, on-site scanning, microfilming, secure storage, confidential destruction. Also stockists of a wide range of micrographic supplies.


Cabinet Office

Aperture card, roll film and microfiche scanning. Security shredding.


Capita Total Document Solutions 

Nationwide network of scanning bureaux. Film scanning, secure document storage, confidential destruction facilities. Hire/rental of scanning equipment.


Cleardata UK
Film scanning - all formats, Secure document storage. Confidential destruction facilities.

Tyne & Wear

Content Capture Services Ltd

Film scanning - all formats. Confidential destruction.



Film scanning, Microfilming and film duplicating services, Secure storage, Destruction by shredding.


Doculand Scanning Bureau
Film scanning - roll, microfiche and jackets. Secure destruction facilities. Boxed document storage. Supply of storage boxes.

London EC4

Document Options

Film scanning - all formats including x-rays, data from aperture cards can be converted to vector format for use within CAD packages. COM (digital to film conversion). Secure storage and destruction facilities. Supplier of storage boxes.

Surrey &

Document Scanning.Net

Film scanning - all formats including Canofile conversion and slides. Secure destruction of film by ultra-fine shredding.


Document SOS

Secure document storage facilities. Confidential destruction facilities. Specialists in disaster recovery from fire, flood, bomb. Facilities for restoration of damaged documents.

London SW8

Docusave Ltd

Document storage facilities with secure destruction facilities. Supplier of archival storage boxes.


E D M Group

Film scanning. Secure storage for documents and film. Confidential destruction.

West Midlands

E D M Solutions Ltd

Film scanning - all formats, including reading data from hollerith punched aperture cards and Canofile conversion. Roll film aperture card and microfiche duplication. Secure storage and destruction facilities.


Iron Mountain

Records management development and implementation for storage & retention applications. Multiple storage facilities throughout UK for documents and other media. Scan on demand and electronic warehousing for digital data storage. Secure destruction facilities.

London SE1

Lightspeed Business Solutions

Film scanning - all formats. Microfilming including simultaneous filming and scanning of documents, Filming delicate input. Production of CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems based on roll microfilm. Film processing. Testing for residual thiosulphate. Duplication of all film formats. Secure storage and destruction.


McPherson Document Solutions

Microfilming to all formats. On-site filming and scanning. Film processing and duplication. COM (digital to film) conversion. Film scanning - all formats including 70mm and slides. Secure storage with special provision for microfilm. Confidential destruction. Repair and maintenance of micrographic equipment.


M C B Imaging Services 

Microfilming. Film scanning. Storage facilities for film and computer media. Secure destruction by certified shredding. Agent for sale of microfilm readers.


M I S L Ltd 
Film scanning, Microfilming, COM (digital to film conversion). Secure storage and destruction.


Mitech Sysyems
Film scanning - all formats including 16/35mm roll, fiche and aperture cards. Secure storage of film, Secure destruction of film and paper


Scanning of all film formats. Certified destruction of film and other media, Secure storage for paper and film.


Pearl Scan Solutions Ltd 

Film scanning (roll, microfiche, jackets, cartridged film, slides, quarter and half-plate and X-rays).       Microfilming including filming of books, manuscripts and other delicate originals. On-site filming and  film scanning. COM - digital to film conversion. Facilities for secure film storage. Certified destruction of film and other media. Large format printout from film.

London WC1

Proscan Document Imaging Limited 

Film scanning of all microforms. Secure destruction by shredding.


Restore Scan

Film scanning - roll and microfiche. Secure box and file storage, certified destruction by shredding on or off site.


Scan & Store Centre 

Film scanning - all formats. Secure destruction.


Scanning & Data Solutions Ltd 

Film scanning - all formats including combination jackets and data extraction from hollerith code on aperture cards. Microfilming, film processing and duplication - all formats. Secure destruction by shredding. Supplier of Film scanners by Minolta. Used and reconditioned microfilm equipment. Hire and rental of micrographic hardware.


Scan File Ltd  

Film Scanning - aperture cards. Secure storage for paper and film. Certified destruction by shredding.

W Midlands

Scan Film or Store Ltd

Film scanning - all formats. Microfilming, processing and duplication to roll and microfiche. COM (digital to film conversion). Printout from microfilm. Secure storage of paper and film. Certified destruction of microfilm.


Scanning Direct

Film scanning - all formats. On-site scanning. Secure storage and destruction facilities.

E Yorks

Service Point

Film scanning - all formats. On -site scanning. Certified destruction.

London EC1

(The) Shredding Alliance Ltd

Nationwide on-site or off-site shredding of paper documents or media from 12 regional depots.


Sterling Data Group 

Film scanning - roll and microfiche formats. Film and document storage with scan on demand facility. Confidential destruction by shredding. Supply of storage boxes.


Storofile Limited 

Film scanning - microfiche and aperture cards. Secure storage for paper and film. Certified destruction. Supply of storage boxes.


Storetec Services Ltd 

Film scanning - roll and microfiche. Secure storage. Destruction by shredding.


Syscat Digital Data Solutions 
Film scanning - all formats. Secure storage facilities. Confidential destruction.


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